Google Educator

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I'm now a certified Google Educator! I took all my exams and everything. The test weren't too difficult. They took between 30 and 60 minutes for me, so I was well under the 90 minute time limit.


How to post a YouTube video to Blogger

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Here at #gafesummit CA we used SnagIt to do short tutorials in GIF form. This is the result.
Thanks to Sergio Villegas for the great session.


Testing the srcset element with blogger

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Testing out using different resolution images with the <srcset> element. This let's all images look good on all HDPI and Retina displays.





Each image was resized manually with Photoshop and uploaded separately.
<img src="http://blogspot.com/AAA/AAA/AAA/s1600/image-1x.png" 
http://blogspot.com/BBB/BBB/BBB/s1600/image-2x.png 2x, 
http://blogspot.com/CCC/CCC/CCC/s1600/image-3x.png 3x, 
http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s1600/image-4x.png 4x" />

Second adaptive test

Image resize using the "/s###/" in the image URL.
<img src="http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s60/image-4x.png" 
srcset="http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s60/image-4x.png 1x, 
http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s120/image-4x.png 2x, 
http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s180/image-4x.png 3x, 
http://blogspot.com/DDD/DDD/DDD/s240/image-4x.png 4x" />


Weekend Update

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I've had a productive 3 day weekend. I got to play with the time lapse function of my Raspberry Pi and made a few videos. Still playing with the PiTFT HAT, the software install bricked on my RPi2 but worked on the RPi1, so I'll give some time for the software to catch up with the new hardware. I finished my taxes. I got mostly caught up on my personal email, meaning I paid a lot of bills, including my tuition bill for my last semester of my masters this summer in Ireland, #MEAT! Did a little bit of visual refresh of my blogs, and proof-read some of my old posts, espeicially for http://maet.mrstuckey.com/ since I know it will be a big component of my final grade. Next weekend I will be at the GAFE Summit Solano. So my next day off is March 1st.


Time Lapse photography with the Raspberry Pi

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I needed a new project to do with my Raspberry Pi 2. I setup a time lapse camera outside my window for the day.

I drew my inspiration from this Fotosyn blog and used his raspiLapseCam.py and just ran it in the background. Since I was still connected to my wifi, I didn't need to use all that crontab to make it run. So here is my first shot at it:

And my second attempt.

And my third attempt. This was from midnight to about 7pm on February 14th, 2015. I was hoping for a little more cloud action, but it was a perfect California day. It was a little windy in the afternoon, which is why the video gets shaky towards the end. I'll have to do a better job at securing it next time.