Weekend Update

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I've had a productive 3 day weekend. I got to play with the time lapse function of my Raspberry Pi and made a few videos. Still playing with the PiTFT HAT, the software install bricked on my RPi2 but worked on the RPi1, so I'll give some time for the software to catch up with the new hardware. I finished my taxes. I got mostly caught up on my personal email, meaning I paid a lot of bills, including my tuition bill for my last semester of my masters this summer in Ireland, #MEAT! Did a little bit of visual refresh of my blogs, and proof-read some of my old posts, espeicially for http://maet.mrstuckey.com/ since I know it will be a big component of my final grade. Next weekend I will be at the GAFE Summit Solano. So my next day off is March 1st.

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