MTE-514 Intro

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I need 3 more credits to move over a column in the teacher salary schedule. I decided to take an online course with another teacher from TeacherStep.com. I thought I didn't my due diligence before I signed up: Nope! I got the syllabus from them, and it looked like it was some readings and a few problems from the book as the assignments. Not even close. The only thing that is graded is 3 essays and what looks like a 2-hour final exam essay. You don't even have to go any of the math to get the grade. Really not was I was looking for. But I can finish it up pretty quick, so there is that.

Mastering the teaching of probability & statistics -TeacherStep

Mastering the Teaching of probability and statistics - Graduate Credit teacher education course for teacher re-certification and license renewal. 3 graduate credits

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