MoviePass Obituary

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I've had MoviePass for 10 months. But I've been fed up with the feeling of "Will MoviePass let me see a movie today" feeling I get since they keep changing the service. I cancelled it as of yesterday. It was always a little bit of an inconvenience because you can by tickets online before you get to the theater, so the seats were always hit or miss. It was worth it though for getting cheap movies. Here's a look at how much money I saved.


11/1/2017Spirited Away$12.50
11/9/2017Murder on the Orient Express$12.00
11/19/2017Justice league$12.50
11/29/2017Three billboards$12.00
12/23/2017Star Wars $12.50
1/14/2018The Post$12.50
2/3/2018Maze Runner 3$12.50
2/23/2018Annihilation $15.19
2/25/2018Game Night$10.50
3/4/2018Black panther$12.50
3/5/2018Red Sparrow$14.19
3/17/2018Wrinkle in Time$12.50
3/25/2018Tomb Raider$12.50
3/29/2018Pacific Rim $12.50
7/9/2018Oceans 8$8.75
8/4/2018The Spy Who Dumped Me$8.75
8/6/2018Jurassic world$5.75

So I spent $253.13 of MoviePasses money. In 10 months I paid them $99.50. So a net gain of $153.63 for me. MoviePass lost $153.63 having me as a subscriber! On the list there are only 5 movies I would have absolutely gone to see in the theater. Of the remaining ones, about half I would have gone to if one of my friends wanted to go. The others I probably wouldn't have seen. 
I also literally bought into the hype and owned HMNY shares. I spent $94.29. During the reverse split I was cashed out because it wasn't a whole shares worth for $18.70. Yeah, they got me on that one for $75.59.
So putting to rest the MoviePass saga for me, I still came out ahead to the tune of $78.07 and got to watch a bunch of movies. It's no wonder they are going out of business.