Scope for Common Core Math

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It has been a lot of work this year planning for Common Core. We are done working out the scope, sequence, pacing, chapters, CRM, etc. for our Integrated Math Classes. It has been a journey. Even at the end we were still struggling to get a big-but-lots-of-information-picture of what we had just make. I put together what we called the "Pretty Pages" for the all of Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3.
The full thing can be downloaded here.


Playing Music with Tasker

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I wanted my phone to play automatically when I start my car. Kind of like a radio. From my phone. I'm using my Nexus 4 and the HomeSpot Bluetooth Receiver.


Tasker has a problem with the Play Media option, but here is what works.

2013-07-30 05.19.17

Profile -> Set Variable -> %MTRACK

2013-07-30 05.19.25

Task -> Flash -> %MTRACK

2013-07-30 05.18.57

Profile -> Bluetooth Connected -> GT BT-Receiver (Or whatever your bluetooth is called)

2013-07-30 05.19.09

Task -> Load App -> App Play Music

Wait -> 6 seconds

Media Control -> Pause

Media Control -> Toggle Pause


QR Luggage Tag

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So I was at Target and got a neat idea use for a QR code. I made a QR code from qrstuff that will set up an SMS message with a predetermined message. All the person scanning it has to do is press send. I'll put this on my luggage tag along with the plain text of my phone number and address. Hopefully it never gets used, but if it help me find my lost luggage it will be worth it.


Music on the Pibrella

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Here's my attempt at playing music using the Pibrella on the Raspberry Pi.

Star Wars Theme
The Buzzer seems to have some trouble hitting notes over about 500Hz, as you can probably tell.

Stars Wars Theme one octave lower

MSU Fight Song

Here is the code on for music3 on GitHub.